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September 4th, 2012, 6:43 am


pssst cheap commissions!(closed) and comic situation

been 20 days since the last update, huh. well, i promise i haven't just been lazy and forgot about ofia, no! i have finished the script and started drawing the next page - BUT since it happens to be the very first page of my very first second chapter ever, i'm going to make it a colored one! i'm pretty slow with coloring though, so i'm only halfway done with it.

and of course, ofia is not all there is to my life right now. the next update will be delayed with at least a week more, because i've gotten myself into a situation where there's a convention next weekend holy shit but i'm kinda short of traveling money. my con ticket and the artist alley table has been paid already so i really don't want to just call it off.

click for more info!

which brings us to my next thing: i'm offering SUPER CHEAP commissions for some time! only 5 euros (about 6.3 USD) a piece like these:

yup, full-body, fully colored. so if you are willing to spend your spare coins for a cool picture of your oc or something, gimme a message on here, deviantArt or tumblr. no money? well, i'd really appreciate something like a signal boost on tumblr - just reblog the commission post.

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