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May 3rd, 2012, 10:34 am


i'm not dead yo!

don't worry guys, i'm not dead, just unable to upload new pages.

things are still a little out of order here. i'm almost done with moving my stuff to my new home, but the scanner's still in the old apartment, which means still no new comic pages for some time.

also, i've decided to make some big changes to the comic script. i had this thought at the beginning of writing it, but only now i decided to do it: the comic's divided into 3 parts, each separated by 1-year or so time skip - which means i made the story about three times longer too. i love my ofians too much to leave it to that previous short story, haha. this comic and its world and characters are very dear to me.

this means i'll be pretty much rewriting the whole story. i'm leaving the beginning part the same though so that i can continue drawing new pages. they'll be coming a bit slower than before though until i'm finished with the script, but we'll manage, right!

so uh, tl;dr: i'll start posting new pages again after a week or so, but it'll be slower than before because of things.

also, welcome to the new readers! i love how you guys keep coming despite the long break. thank you!

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