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This is a place for too much info about the comic. Ofia's history, info of beasts and human species - everything you never wanted to know.


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team 4


A kitty cat in human disguise who was forced to join Ofia.


Ofia's previous leader's only child and the leader-to-be.


A girl who's a bit to the hyperactive side.


Dude takes everything in a very relaxed manner.

team 3


Ofia's own Rambo wannabe with a quick temper. Has a sidejob in the gun storage.


A very lazy guy who's an Ofian only because he's lazy. Has a sidejob as a hairdresser.


Likes to tease younger people. Has a sidejob as a nude model.


The most mature in team 3. Has his own dragon and a side job as a dragon worker.



Team 4's leader and Ofia's "babysitter". A male with a quite feminine chest area.


The best of Ofia's remaining seven doctors.


Ofia's placeholder leader who can't speak without stuttering all the time.


Viska's pet. The only one of its kind in the valley.


Ofia's bookkeeper. A gentleman who loves coffee and whiskey.



Name info: Not only do they look pretty much the same as the humans in our world, they also have the same name. What a coincidence!

Biology: They are pretty much the valley equivalent of our world's humans. Most of them are very dark-eyed.

Common info: Humans are the second most common human species in the valley. They are kind of the underdog of the varius-human-herran triangle, but still considered to be ranked above cats at least. They mostly try to mind their own business, without getting tangled to varius' and herran's affairs. No one really looks up to or despises them as a species.

Mythology/history: Said to be the original human species of the valley.

Cast examples: Istor, Atoma, Myrence, Matter, Niilo, Saku



Name info: Comes from the Latin word varii, or more specifically the conditional varius, which translates to - you guessed it - "to vary". This obviously refers to the widely varying looks of the individuals inside the species.

Biology: Due to being able to breed with almost anything that can give birth, a varius can look like anything. Common traits to pass to the offspring, though, are horns, tallness, long ears, long hair and a tail. If the offspring doesn't inherit any or most of these traits, it's very common for the parents to abandon or even kill the offspring. A child that gets abandoned is also given a name that doesn't start with the letter 'V', which is a proof of being a "true" varius child. Llavr is the prime example of this in the comic.

Common info: The most common species in the valley. Also a very proud species, they look down to humans and cats - some even to herran. While nowadays they're less willing to breed with animals even though they could, most still accept other human species as their partners. It's becoming more and more socially unacceptable to breed with animals.

Mythology/history: While herran are believed to be "angels", varius are the "fallen angels". Banished from the heaven, their wings were taken away and they were given the task to keep the valley's ecosystem alive by making them able to breed with almost everything alive.

Cast examples: Velmot, Viska Besset, Llavr, Vistrali



Name info: A mix between the word human and the Finnish word herruus, which translates to "to be a master (of something)" or "to have (mostly social) power". The word herra can simply mean "sir/mister" or "master".

Biology: Commonly thought to have an angelic beauty to them by other human species. Best recognized from the wings, other notable traits are big horns, tallness and long hair.

Common info: Definitely the proudest species in the valley - to the point that they've gone almost extinct (at least inside the valley) due to being too proud to interact, let alone breed with anyone, not even their own kind, despite being able to breed with all of the human species. Most live scattered around the whole valley alone or, rarely, with their family far away from other people.

Mythology/history: Herran are believed to have been "angels" in the past: a species superior to humans living far above them, later being chased away by the mountain dragons, forcing them to settle down to live on the same ground as the humans.

Cast examples: Navys' father/Ofia's previous leader. Navys is a half herran. Currently there are no herran in Ofia.


Cat (person)/cat people

Name info: No equivalent of our housecat exists in the valley (anymore) - the cat people are the closest thing to them and coincidentally have the same name!

Biology: They look like cats. They also look like humans.

Mythology/history: Descended from a varius' and a certain animal's offspring - thought to be the only human species to have made it into their own species after being born from a varius.

Cast examples: Mine, though he is in human disguise.


As the name suggests, it used to be the center of Ofia's business. Now it's the only remaining Ofia base still in use. The building is carved inside a "living rock", a rock that once gained some kind of life due to being infused with powerful magic. It can be manipulated to grow in specific places, hence the building is able to "fix" itself.
It's surrounded by living rock pillars that grow back again and again after being destroyed. Great shooting practice dummies.

Treasury: The floor that sealed Mine's fate. A high security floor where the triumphantly named Room of Riches is located.

Terrace floor: Surrounded by the terrace that goes around the whole building. Good place to relax with a smoke and a coffee. There's also a small greenhouse.

Leader floor: Where the higher ranked Ofians live. Contains the leader's office and bedroom, team leaders' rooms and some other staff members' rooms.

Team floors: Three whole floors of team rooms. Most of them are currently vacant. Team 4 lives in the 3rd floor, team 3 in the 4th.

Hospital floor: The floor where Mine's life as an Ofian began. Navys is a frequent resident.

Ground floor: This and the terrace floors are the only floors where every Ofian is allowed to be at any time. Includes the lobby, Myrence's room and bookkeeping, restaurant & bar and the living room.

Basement: Food and weapon storage are here. There's also a dark and damp classroom for comfortably educating new members about what Ofia's all about.

Ofian dragon

Ofian dragons: Somehow Ofia has managed to make a tame version of the most feared beast of the valley: the mountain dragon. Ofian dragons come in many, many shapes and sizes and don't really even resemble the mountain dragon anymore, other than by being generally huge and lizardly. During the breeding process they were stripped of their scale armor and they became herbivorous in diet and appearance.
They were originally made to carry ofians and supplies to missions and between Ofia's many bases, but are also used in various other tasks suitable to big lizards, like breaking stuff or scaring smaller creatures away. Their huge size makes them unpractical for hunting missions and such.

The farm: The farm is located in the west side of the valley, separated from the rest of it by a big hill where the dragons' food is being grown. The dragons mostly roam free and usually won't leave the farm on their own. There's a house for the dragon workers to sleep and eat in and big wooden shelters for the dragons.

Pages or "pages" that at some point have been somewhere in the middle of the comic but don't really belong there anymore.

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